Thursday, 23 September 2010


Hello everyone, sorry I have not posted anything in the last few days.

My mission building work has hit a bit of a crossroads as of what I want to do and what types of missions I want to make next. I do have a few ideas for the names of the missions, and the general idea of what they could be about, and they are "Backlash" "Fully Loaded" and "No Way Out".

"Backlash" I'm thinking could be an attack on a German base/target of high importance in a sort of payback for a German war crime.

"Fully Loaded" could be based on an attack on a German rail station where many rail cars are placed there "unloading" men, tanks, and other equipment.

And "No Way Out" kinda speaks for itself. This one could be an attack on a retreating German army stuck against a river with no means of getting accross it.(destroyed bridge). Or it could be the other way round. A defensive mission against German tanks that are advancing on Red Army tanks that have dug in due to the bridge being the only way out and are mounting a last defence. I might go with the defence mission idea for this one.

I'm going to start work on something and hopefully I will have some pictures for you all very soon.

Take care all and thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Creepy Video

A small break in the mission building posts for this:

For those of you who know of numbers stations, this video should prove interesting, and probably quite creepy. For those of you who don't know about numbers stations, watch it anyway for the creepy value.

Try watch it all the way through, and you get points for watching it on your own, in the dark.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Mission - Complete!

As the title of this post idicates, the missions are complete. All that needs to be done is a tiny bit of fine tuning and then I will upload it to mission4today in a few days. I flew both missions and they are great fun to play, and I hope the people who download them feel the same. Here's a screenshot I took of my Il-2 attacking a gun emplacement:

This is not the end of my mission building. I have many more ideas I would like to try out and experiment with, and more ideas keep on popping up, but at the moment I have a few that i'm definatly going to try.

Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Second Mission - Progress Update

Hello all,

Am still plugging away at the mission but have got the hardest part out of the way. The results are not exactly how I envisaged them but I am happy with it. The next step is still adding a little more to the scenery, mostly smokes and fires, then setting up the tanks route and the defenses. After that all that is needed is the aircraft waypoints, and a briefing, the it will be ready to fly, and ready to download.

Here's a picture of the destruction in the town:
This was just a small update but before I go I would just like to say thank you to everyone who is taking to the time to read this blog, and comment and thank you for all of your support :)

Second mission teething troubles

Hello all :)

Work on the follow up to the first mission has started. This mission will see the Red Army counter-attack, as said in the first mission. What will happen in the mission is about 4 IL-2's will provide air support for a small group of Russian tanks. I'm thinking three at most, two T-60's/T-70's and a BT-7/T-28. These tanks will be supported by two armoured cars. The objectives for the tanks will be to, obviously, take back the town but I'm unsure where to go from there. I'm thinking about having the tanks push north past of the town to a bridge, however doing so could lead to a very long mission.

As for the German defenders, their defences will he hastily made up, so only one bunker, two at the very most, and a few sand bags positioned in the south part of the town facing south. To reflect the effects of the first mission, I want the German defenders to be very little in size, so probably only two tanks, one AT gun, and a few MG42's. The tanks will probably not be placed together, one will be with the sandbags and bunkers, while the other one will be in the main part of the town. The AT gun will be in the main part of town too, hidden between a few trees hopefully. The MG42's will be with the main defences. If I decide the Russian tanks will push to the bridge, then there will be small German defencive positions near to the bride.

Now here is the teething problem. To reflect the IL-2's attack in the last mission, I want to place destroyed versions of trucks and tanks in the positions of the tanks and trucks like in the last mission. However, the object inventory only has one version of a destroyed truck, which looks very basic, and no destroyed tank objects. If I place a destroyed truck in place of every truck that was in the town it might look a little unrealistic to the player, due to the basic model of the destroyed object, so I need to find a way to make it look different. The tanks are the same, no destroyed versions of them so I need to find a way to work around that. I did think of just leaving the tanks and trucks in their positions but put fire and smoke on them to simulate them being damaged in the battle, but upon a test with one Red Army T-60 going through the town, it engaged the tanks and trucks, so I'm going to settle for the destroyed route. As well as this there will be lots more smoke and fire to simulate the damage caused by the IL-2's in the last mission.

That's it for now. unfortunately I don't have any pics to show at the moment as there is nothing I am happy with yet. Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, 18 September 2010

First post, First mission

Hello to everyone :)

This blog, as the name suggests, is about on the IL-2 ground attack aircraft used by the Russian air force during World War 2 and has been reproduced in the game IL-2 Sturmovik. In this blog I will be posting updates to mission I am making, my thoughts on the missions and discussing some of the effects I use in making the missions. Some of my posts may also be about skins I make for the IL-2. but probably not many postings on that side of things as my skinning is...welll...a bit rubbish.

This past week I have been working on a mission based on a September 1941 scenario on the Moscow front. The basis for this mission is the Germans have taken a small village, and the red army want to counter attack but have asked for assistance from IL-2 aircraft. Before the counter attack is set to commence, two IL-2 aircraft (Playing flying as leader) head out to the village and attack any German forces there to help the red army take the town back easily.

Here are a few screen shots showing IL-2's being loaded up and fueled at an airfield a few miles south east of the captured town:

And a view of some of the targets available in the town:
Just out of shot on the right are some tanks being loaded and topped up with fuel.
As for the load outs on the IL-2's, I have at the moment set them up with 16-RS82 rockets, however I can't find anything which says or shows the first series IL-2 of being equipped with rockets, let alone 16 of them! So I might fall back on a bomb load out for them.
I'm still adjusting some things and the mission should be up for download from Mission4today, and I will put a link up on here when i is ready which should be a few days.
Anyway that's it for now, thanks for reading. :)