Monday, 20 September 2010

Mission - Complete!

As the title of this post idicates, the missions are complete. All that needs to be done is a tiny bit of fine tuning and then I will upload it to mission4today in a few days. I flew both missions and they are great fun to play, and I hope the people who download them feel the same. Here's a screenshot I took of my Il-2 attacking a gun emplacement:

This is not the end of my mission building. I have many more ideas I would like to try out and experiment with, and more ideas keep on popping up, but at the moment I have a few that i'm definatly going to try.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. cool!suppin bro :)
    check both my blogs are interesting! ;)

  2. sweet deal man, looking forward to the next one

    daily support is daily

  3. Good stuff. I wish i had that kind of ability.

  4. These planes remind me of the A-10 Warthog awesome.