Saturday, 18 September 2010

First post, First mission

Hello to everyone :)

This blog, as the name suggests, is about on the IL-2 ground attack aircraft used by the Russian air force during World War 2 and has been reproduced in the game IL-2 Sturmovik. In this blog I will be posting updates to mission I am making, my thoughts on the missions and discussing some of the effects I use in making the missions. Some of my posts may also be about skins I make for the IL-2. but probably not many postings on that side of things as my skinning is...welll...a bit rubbish.

This past week I have been working on a mission based on a September 1941 scenario on the Moscow front. The basis for this mission is the Germans have taken a small village, and the red army want to counter attack but have asked for assistance from IL-2 aircraft. Before the counter attack is set to commence, two IL-2 aircraft (Playing flying as leader) head out to the village and attack any German forces there to help the red army take the town back easily.

Here are a few screen shots showing IL-2's being loaded up and fueled at an airfield a few miles south east of the captured town:

And a view of some of the targets available in the town:
Just out of shot on the right are some tanks being loaded and topped up with fuel.
As for the load outs on the IL-2's, I have at the moment set them up with 16-RS82 rockets, however I can't find anything which says or shows the first series IL-2 of being equipped with rockets, let alone 16 of them! So I might fall back on a bomb load out for them.
I'm still adjusting some things and the mission should be up for download from Mission4today, and I will put a link up on here when i is ready which should be a few days.
Anyway that's it for now, thanks for reading. :)